hope2work provides job placement and short-term housing for hi life academy graduates.

Working hand-in-hand with local businesses to fulfill their need for trained employees with specific job skills, Hope2Work provides job placement and short-term housing for HiLife Academy graduates in their chosen field. This program includes on-going counselling, mentoring and continuing education to achieve successful transitions and build life skills.

Focusing on changing the Academy graduates’ economic stability is one of the anchors to their long-term success. The on-the-job training offered targets middle-class income levels and jobs that allow the graduates to enjoy economic stability.

HiLife Academy program graduates are eligible for placement in local housing and jobs with partner employers. Through the Hope2Work 6-month to one-year programs, these young adults:

  • Develop work experience in their chosen fields  

  • Learn to maintain their own housing

  • Manage their own finances

  • Work closely with their mentors to make the transition from at-risk youth to self-sufficient young adults

At the end of the Hope2Work program, these young adults have a rental reference and housing savings account so that they can secure their own housing plus extensive job experience.

Additionally if they have successfully completed the program and are in good standing with their employer, they have the option to remain on the job.